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The classics

The style Chancelière (Italic) is one af the most popular in the traditional latin calligraphy.
You have here a great series of works.


The Books

Collection "the small papers"

Several formats for multiple originals. All at low prices.

The Atypicals

Various formats, various themes or various supports. Rubric to be searched to find your happiness.

Long Formats

High or wide, very dynamic and stylish:
• Series 10 x 20cm
• Series 11,5 x 50 cm
• Series 17,5 x 50 cm
• Series 25 x 80 cm


Expressive series in a very contemporary style of modern calligraphy. To be discovered and enjoyed.

Derivative products

On the online store REDBUBBLE, find all kinds of products, mug, t-shirt, dresses, and many other things !

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